The Cursed soul series teaser trailer

2022 • 1 Minute

The Cursed Soul is a brand new British TV series about the first vampire Nicoli Ov-Ski who was savagely cursed by the original vampire curse – 5000 years ago. The ancient Gorgon sisters created this evil being to distroy humanity but blessed by love to save it. Nicoli has battled his lust for blood for centuries. Sometimes it beats him. After losing his first supernatural pack in the last deadly battle they faced, Nicoli is alone. With nothing left Nicoli heads to Blighted Vale in the hope of discovering his past and why he was chosen as the first vampire. Nico realize if he was to protect the human race he would need a new pack Nico raised three young and gifted children and when they got to the age of 18;they would join himself as Avon as the new pack of blighted vale. Along the way Nicoli finds love, passion and more then he bargained for when he comes face to face to with old friends…. Will Nico and his pack survive the darkness or will the darkness. Consumes them all…

  • Film Maker
    Cash Star Films
  • Director
    Bazza Cash
  • Writer
    Bazza Cash
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