DOP/ Operator

Christy Leung

London , United Kingdom
Height : 5.5

  • CityLondon
  • GenderFemale

  • Height5.5


  • GenderFemale
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  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19icon


  • Height5.5



Christy is a DOP/Camera Operator who's passionate about finding creative and original ways of telling a story. With great attention to detail and a creative eye; she is eager to bring a fresh perspective to the audience’s eye through films, and therefore she is open to think outside of the box in order to find the most creatively effective way of telling a story. Great team player with a responsible, focused and a “can do” attitude that always maintains clear communication on set.
An experienced crew member in numerous productions, including short films, features, music videos, corporate, commercials, as well as TV. With over 10 years experience as an analogue photographer, and some experiences on sets as a gaffer/ spark, therefore a good understanding of lighting, composition, lenses as well as lighting equipment. Christy completed her Steadicam Training with Tiffen and became a Tiffen Certified Steadicam Operator in April 2022. Since then, she got her own Steadicam and has decided to start her career as a Steadicam Operator as well as a DOP.

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